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So guys, it's been a little minute..I haven't been able to blog the way I would like due to a mass of obligations that I have taken on! However, I want you to know that VUITTON loves you dearly, and it is my goal to UPDATE Cruber soon!..


Since I'm here I may as well share a little something with you....

Individuality is defined as a state or quality of being personally distinct. It is an achievement acquired through hardwork, dedication, and long-suffering. All things considered, it does not bloom over night nor can it happen in the twinkling of an eye! One must work hard to achieve such a feat! It is common to follow the crowd, however uncommon to diffrentiate yourself from your peers!

I wanna set the platform, a crUBER kiDd, lives life LIBERATED, LOVED, LIMITLESS, INEXTRICABLE, AFFLUENTLY, and RELIGIOUSLY! No matter what happens, WE have an inner joy that ignites our inner strength to TRAVAIL through any feat! We rely on our FAITH in GOD, totally and we allow HIS strength to become PERFECT when we are weak! We realize we are NOT perfect, but we strive to be BETTER than who we were yesterday! With HIM all things are possible, without HIM we are nothing! It is HE who has made us, not WE ourselves!

I encourage each of you to live your life to the fullest! Make a clear and precise distinction of who you are from everyone else! We are not crowd pleasers, we are the crowd even if we stand alone! WE are individuals, more than conquers, we dont fish for compliments, we are compliments, we're crUBER kiDds..and since we have LIFE, we LIVE it to the best of our abilities!


Until Next Time...

LIFE is your RUNWAY....W E R K!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS crUBitches! Much has popped off since installments last and of course V U I T T O N is here to give you more! I swear everyday it's some shit popping off in HOLLYWEIRD! These celebs need prayer, supplication, interventions, t
herapy, and all..they live in complete and utter disturbia..if this is the PRICE OF FAME, sign my fat ass up..cuz I know some MOTHER'S ON THE MOTHER BOARD that can get a prayer through!

As always..the stove is hott and the circuit kidds are whispering..

"NickiMinaj" Wears PINK & GREEN!

So, if any of you follow me on TWITTER you were bombarded with tweets about last Thursday's piss poor AKA Presentation, at the illustrious, Winthrop University! The RIDE or DIE MuXi Chapter of AKA "presented" 28 NEOPHYTES to the campus!...I wonder what Barbara McKenzie would have to say about that..IN ANY CASE..during one of the SPEECHES a neophyte AKA stated, that NickiMinaj would never wear her PINK & GREEN!....

....As a result, at a party, "Nicki" showed up i
n the brightest PINK & GREEN ensemble she could find and dared those LOVELY LADIES of AKA to touch or say anything to her! A CHICK like this must be crowned a BAD BISH, so I crown you Ms Opal Dyson...OFFICIALLY, the baddest chick at WINTHROP UNIVERSITY..WHO MAD?!

And like you, LADY DYSON, they don't OWN me either! WERK!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: who am I kidding..none needed! THIS is MY blog! Gotta problem with it, walk those PINK & GREEN streets STRAIGHT to HELL!

By merit & culture my ass!
follow me on twitter,
AND follow LADY DYSON also,


Kelis should be awarded for the BADDEST EX-WIFE of all time! This chick is still taking NAS to the cleaners. It'll be kind of hard to bounce back after all your cash is gone!

Via TMZ Nas went to court on Monday and walked out a few lbs lighter! In total Nas had to immediately drop $87, 703.42 for back child support and spousal support! He also has to pay Kelis $10,000 monthly to Kelis until he pays off $299,015 he owes her...think thats a lot, it gets better huney!

Nas also has to pay his ex-wife's legal fee's in the amount of $155,787.28 and $48,549.83 to cover her accounting expenses....GAAAAAAAA-DAMN! 50's Baby Mama should have taken lessons from the EX Mrs. Jones..matter of fact all the ends she's getting from him, she now OWNS that last name!

Kelis proves, its cheaper to keep her and also that men that miss out on child birth DESERVE to be "milked" for every dime they have! Something tells me this is just the beginning..

...CONTINUATION to follow in a few months

Sugar, No Tea

>>Is Diddy Nicki Minaj's new manager?! Sources(BET) claim that she fired Deb Antney and has hired the most ill-fitted of all managers to represent her! Nicki would have been better off calling USHER'S mama! Diddy is a selfish-callous bitch..and before we know it she'll have a new character to get into..I'm just saying, chick is just as FAKE as those HARAJUKU BARBIES she's always talking about!..what you saaaay?!..SHE AIN'T NO DIVA!

>>Am I the only one sick of all these pointless REALITY SHOWs that are on the rise?! Lil Romeo is the newest subject to allegedly get a reality show! Like your father, your music career is DEAD! GO SAT DOWN SOME WAY! Isn't it funny that WAYNE is the only one that MADE IT out of CASH MONEY RECORDS! Even Birdman stands in his shadow!


LIFE is your RUNWAY....W E R K!

Monday, April 12, 2010


As exams quickly approach, the material to study gets harder and harder..So of course as you see there wasn't a WHISPER WEDNESDAY post or a FAB FRIDAY post, but I promise you crUBER kiDds after this semester, THE FAIREST is going hard! Not too mention I gotta lil 9-5 now, so a bitch is ALWAYS pressed for time..FORGIVE ME?!..FORGIVE ME NOT?!...


Instead of doing LAB WORK, I'm bringing it to ya all types of fierce, fabulous, and fooley..GET IN HUNEY, tea is hott and MAMA is about to pour...WHO MAD?!!


Dixie Carter, whose character was Julia Sugarbaker on "Designing Women" died at the tender age of 70 from Cancer...

Ms. Carter's husband, Hal Holbrook issued a statement regarding the celebrated actresses sudden and untimely death, "This has been a terrible blow to our family . We would appreciate everyone understanding that this is a private family tragedy"

Watch Out for the BIG Girls

Just when I thought this world could get no more twisted, demented, and disgusting this foolishness flew on my desk..

Anothey TRANNY PACK birth's a child into their world of deceit, deception, and disturbia! The GAYS are doing absolutely too much..specifically these DYKES! Jesus take the whole wheel and run them over!

It's just too much to even talk about so I'll give you the basics! They ARE both WOMEN who opted to take hormones, one decided to get 36DDD tits that had to be removed in order for him to carry this poor child, one of em has TWO previous children from a previous relationship with a WOMAN and this is there child together. These two freaks say they are "blissfully happy" and they don't care what they world has to say..

Once again I ask, whatever happened to just being liking men, women liking's still a SIN but hell, it's basic! These fags and dykes are complicating matters even the more and involving innocent children in their foolery!

What I don't understand is, they claim to be MEN trapped in WOMEN's bodies so why the hell would you go and do the most feminine thing possible, CHILE BIRTH?!..somebody bridget the gap cuz Lord knows, I can't!


Side Note: I would post pics of Baby Scott, but I
refuse to market this child the way his parents clearly have!

The GIRLS(phish) Are Throwing Shade!

Don't you dare sit there with your O-Face looking all beat and
FABULOUS, you shadey gur!

So it appears that Janelle Monae refused to do a photoshoot with Teyana Taylor because in HER eyes, they aren't on the same level..

The two were supposed to do a cover shoot for Bl
eu Magazine but a day before the shoot was scheduled Janelle's people pulled out by stating "We don't feel like an artist of Janelle's caliber should be shot with Teyana!" <<<>
I love Janelle Monae, but sweetie aren't you signed with BAD BOY which equates an ULTIMATE FAIL! Not too mention, though Ms Taylor has yet to drop an album I'm sure we ALL know about her a little more than you..

Speaking of, you're starting to act just like your boss
, bitch!

Word is Teyanna did the photoshoot and was all types of can be expected! Who;d ever THUNK that the tomboy from SWEET 16 would blossom into such a beautiful woman! Teyana is right..body, ass, tits, and all that! I live for her hair hun, but sometime I wonder..whose SIDE are you leaning on?!..


We're all artist, some of us without any for you Ms Monae, being different never made you made you an Artist, just like the rest of the world!

Norwood FAMILY Tea

Well it appears that some mysterious man, C Do
ve has come out of the wood work quoting that he is Brandy and Ray J's half brother..

Click here for Video

First, what grown ass man names himself C Dove?!..I'm not saying he's a ZESTY CANDIDATE but imagine the signals that went off..
Secondly, this is to be expected! Every time black
folk attempt to do something that has never been done the foolery is sure to follow suit..
And finally, sadly spoken but very true..most older black men have bastards running rampant..especially those with a little cash monies and stuff..

One thing I will say about the Norwoods, they ha
ve a way about themselves and they turn a DEAF ear to FAMILY DRAMA on the rise..need I say anymore Ray J-Kim K Sex Tape.. mhmm..

No PATERNITY TEST needed..a whack ass name like C Dove and Ray J lets me know these two are brothers!



Dwight Eubanks, attended the ATL JAZZ LAUNCH FESTIVAL looking all types of Paper-OR-Plastic Fabulous! If Dwight markets this plasticism off correctly, he could be the next patient at McNamara-Troy!

Of the many things that can be said, both positive and negative about Dwight, he indeed can wear a suit! I wonder if he has to get special trousers ma
de with that big ole fake dick he got implanted..oops!

In my head, he and Joan Rivers are the BEST of friends! I can see them holding hands on the same surgery table having the same procedures done at the same time! FACE BUDDIES!


>>As if we need anymore of the SWEXYdom that is Trey Songs, it looks like Triggah will be getting a REALITY SHOW...developing

>>Of course OPRAH isn't going anywhere..she has a new show, "Oprah's Next Chapter" that will be coming on her "OWN" network in 2011. She has already secured JAY-Z and LADY GAGA as her first performers!.."OWN" it boo!

Thought Of the Day:

When you have no one to impress your biggest audience is self!

Until Next time....

LIFE is your RUNWAY...(you betta) W E R K!

Monday, April 5, 2010



It's MAMA'S MONDAY BREW..without further ado..


After $30.1 MILLION dollars in movie sales, TYLER PERRY has finally earned MY RESPECT! And not because of the amount of money but because for once his storyline was unpredictable and it didn't end on a HAPPY NOTE!

If you haven't seen the movie, you're about to be UBER pissed with me!..J/K there's GAGs for all..I wouldn't dare ruin it for my babies!

First let me say, that JANET JACKSON acted her ASS o
ff! Chick delivered like her life was on the line..I'm curious to know if filming was taking place during and after Michael's death because chick pulled from places I didn't know she had! Not too mention them TITTIES was perched and that unexpected ass looked quite delish...MALIK YOBA, minus the ashy lips did exceptionally well also!

For the most part everyone did good..but those two stick out to me..and for those of you who saw it, you know why.. Was it me or did all the females look extra greasy..hmm..IDK what that was about but it was slightly irrititating..

LAST THING! Tyler took his shirt off! I'm so proud of her..I mean normally she hires the most physically fit men to be in her plays and movies and for some odd reason there's always a body shot..hmm..I wonder why?

...and don't act like I'm the only one that noticed that!


Of course there's beef between two "DISRESPECTED" f
emale rappers..Khia and Minaj... After calling Minaj an actor, Khia decided to get into character and channel someone thats frar from this "hood" she speaks so frequently about..

Long story short they both have shit talked and to show the world how serious she (Khia) is about her position not being taken (what position did she have?) she dropped a video for the song "Been A Bad Girl" if that's a good thing..chile...

Really Khia?!..Idk whats worst the song or the fact that you tried to channel LADY GAGA by wearing Lerlene's Easter hat!...FAIL BITCH!

Here are some behind the scenes shot from th
e video, thanks to


The circuit kidds are clowning BEYONCE for this get up, but I LOVE IT! Yall know I go in for the crazies! Chick was clearly dressed how she felt!

People always have a hard time accepting you when you start dancing to your own beat. Maybe if Beyonce stayed out of that HOUSE OF DO-IT-WRONG we would get a glimpse of the WOMAN and not this manicured pictorial of who they want us to believe she is!

I have a hard time believing the BEYONCE we see is the BEYONCE we know! See Bey, being yourself isn't bad after all!

What Bey's Rocking: (in no particular order)

Chanel jacket, charms, jewels, and bag
Rockin Republic shorts

Check out the labels on this one!


It's Chrisette and she looks STUNNING! Why is it that when a woman cuts all her hair off people readily assume that "something" has happened!

I for one, believe that there is liberation in cutting your hair..hell as men, we cut our hair when we want to be FREE and when we want to be why the hell can't she?!

And another thing..anybody can sport a weave or long tresses to cover up an oddly shaped head, big ears, birthmarks, or PLAIN UGLINESS! But it takes a confident woman to defy her haters and do as she pleases!


*ques, "Blame it On Me"*

Sugar, NO TEA

Howard Stern called Jamie Foxx a HOMO BOY an
d surprisingly J took the high road..he refuses to go on Howard's show to confront his alleged likeness for BOY BOOTY..OH, Hey Will... *side eye*

So, what you J hiding or is this an exhibition of MATURITY...


LIFE is a RUNWAY....W E R K! ! !

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's another installment of your guiltiest please, crUBER Fab BABY! Are you kids spreading the FABULOUSNESS AND FOOLYWANG that is this BLOG?!..If not, SHAME ON YOU!..anstaWHO, if you haven't already TELL EVERYONE YOU that I have given a PLUGG, it's time to do what I was created to do...SPILL EVERYBODY'S TEA but my own...KETTLE IS WHISTLING and the circuit kidds are whispering...GET YALL ASSES IN HERE! We serve TEA straight from MAMA's GOOD CHINA..


So of course we all have seen Erykah Badu's video for WINDOW SEAT and to be honest the only thing buzzworthy is her ASS! The song is nothing to rave about but these pending INDECENT EXPOSURE charges are keeping her new album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, and her name alive!

According to an NBC Affiliate, KXAS Texas Police are currently investigating and if one witness comes forward she can be arrested boo! Now Ms Badu should know, you can't go taking clothes off in the PUB without a license of some sort..As we can clearly see, CHAPS are walking around looking at the "CRAZY BLACK LADY" taking of her clothes..

If it wasn't for that scrumptious ass I would CHOP her
ass..but because she's BALSY, I'ma say WERK BITCH!

FYI If this bitch goes to jail, her album is going DOUBLE PLATINUM!

[S]isters [W]ith [V]OICES


Coco announced it on her blog recently..
And to show you just how serious they are, they did a recent photo shoot with Celebrated Photographer, Derek Blanks..

I'm too excited..FAR GONE!

Seems like music is a
bout to make a comeback..if only we could pull Lauren Hill down from that tree...LAWD!


Linsdsay Insists it was BABY POWDER..Girl stop!


The bitch was so stoned she forgot to wipe herself down..
I'm sorry she missed her BUMP tho..

She got the DEVIL ALL ON HER SHOE!..

TKO-Trina gets Knocked the Fuck Out!

A picture tells no lie...DAMN WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!

Trina is the newest A
LTER-EGO Subject for Derek Blanks!

Apparently the rapper is knocking her ownself out in this one!

That damn Derek Blanks can take some FAB ASS pics..and whomever did this make-up needs to be correct some of the KNOCK OUTS I see on a daily basis..surely if they can make you look good as a mess, I'm sure they can do anything

Livin La Vida Loca...

As if we needed an official statement confirming Ricky Martin is gay... Ricky Martin decided to announce recently that he is a "fortunate homosexual man" and had the world up in arms..

..uhm sweetie, we knew this long before you started talking about some chick with skin the color of mocha...but KUDOS to him for catching up with what we already knew to be true..

I'm seriously starting to think GAY is a trend..It
won't be long before WEEZY tells us he likes a little BOOTY DOO!......NOW THAT WOULD BE SICKENINGLY HOTT!..ha! The phish would roll over and die!...on SECOND they wouldn't..they'd think that shit is cute!

What you say ALEX?



As if we didn't already have a stroke from past he's given out HEART ATTACKS!

Trey also took back for COMPLEX MAGAZINE...

Well USHER, looks like you got some COMP buddy! I did hear that your new CD is choice..too bad I won't buy it, but I will COPY it from someone else!


By now, we've all heard about the unfortunate affair that Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James has been cheating on her with some tattooed monster..her name isn't even important!

It has been reported that Sandra has not been seen in public since the affair broke.
Apparently Jesse James has a thing for online hook-ups and biker chicks with tats and big tits! Insider's claim that while she would be away working on movies, he would post online ADs seeking those type of women out!

I feel sorry for Ms Bullock! I mean, Oprah just celebrated her and her husband's "undeniable chemistry" after she won BEST ACTRESS for Blind Side and look what happened a few weeks later..I tell ya, these HOLLYWOOD WIVES and there MESSY ASS HUSBANDS are a SICKENING MESS..but hey, it gives me something BLOG ABOUT so keep it coming!

But I really am praying for you Sandra! If I were you, I'd take that bus that wouldn't slow down from SPEED and run his tobacco-chewing-country-ass over!


>>NeNe's son Bryson, is back in jail! He went a few weeks ago on traffic charges and possession for a smal amount of weed..THIS TIME, it's for possession of a controlled substance and possession of a weapon by a jail mate...SOAP BOX: Instead of scamming free trips from non profits and sliding down poles, Ms Leake's needs to do some type of DAMAGE CONTROL! I like NeNe's "character" just like the next punk, but this is a prime example of what the lime light can do. While she's lolligagging through LA, Florida, and ATL her child is out and acting like a common criminal...A HOT STANKING MESS! And saddest part is she thinks this shit is funny, hence her cute tweets! ALL THEM HOUSEWIVES NEED JESUS: ATL, NYC, NJ, OC, and whatever else BRAVO can come up with!

>>People won't leave TIGER WOODS alone! Another HOE has come forward about her horrid affair with the GULF MASTER! I won't get into vivid details but, basically she was on her period, he told her to take it out, and he rammed his "engorged" penis into all of her flith! These WHITE HOES are a mess! I bet TIGER wished he married a sister now!

>>NICK CANNON buy's MARIAH a pink Porsche...UGH and BLAH! The corniest couple in AMERICA!

Monday, March 29, 2010


LOVE ONES! It's crUBER kiDd Vuitton givin it to ya all types of crazies! Another Monday, another BREW! I wanna thank you ALL for sticking with me..I haven't been able to BLOG how I is kicking my FABULOUS ASS and not too mention other obligations are beginning to POP up..but in any case..STOVE IS HOTT and this BREW can't be contained..


The circuit kids reported during SUPER BOWL preparations that the two got into a DEVASTATING argument that left them on shakey grounds..I PAID IT because, like any other relationship they have problems..well apparently the ish was SERIOUS and now we have this..

FIVE MONTHS before they're July 17th wedding and they pull a stunt like this..
Though I wanna say this is a STUNT to make their relationship all the more interesting, it's too early to call it..

I can't believe EVA threw on her LOUBOUTINS and
walked..RED always leaves a stain however..mhmm..How you doin Lance?!



The illustrious MOREHOUSE COLLEGE had it's first GAY PRIDE WEEK, and your SWEETEST LOVE MUFFIN, B. SCOTT, was the featured guest! The self proclaimed "Multi-Media Maven" (rightfully deserved) spoke at the "OUT & IN THE SPOTLIGHT" panel.

Some people are giving MOREHOUSE flack about this, but instead of focusing on the NEGATIVE I'll focus on the POSITIVE..AND just to clear the air, B. SCOTT is a MAN and like ANY other MAN deserves to be TREATED like a MAN, so stop trying to identify him as a female or cross-dresser..he is, WHO he is, like it, leave it, or love it!

First off, the fact that a HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE has embraced the fact that HOMOSEXUALITY is a COMMON DENOMINATOR in our community is a MAJOR PLUS in my eye!
COLLEGE for MEN has embraced the fact that HOMOSEXUALITY is a COMMON DENOMINATOR in our community deserves more than a pat on the back, but some streets and government offices need to be named after EACH of those men that were on that planning committee!
THIRDLY, like all people, gay people are PEOPLE..let's reme
mber that. A struggle isn't defined by type, race, religion, creed, background, or gender..A STRUGGLE is a STRUGGLE..And if need be I can take to MiriamWebster..but I trust if you're reading this you're not illiterate and you can also find your own damn dictionary to look it up in..

HOMOSEXUALITY is such a taboo issue in the African-American Community, and the moment we embrace the fact that it HAPPENS the likely hood of shared ignorance dissipates! I'm sure B was beyond floored and flattered upon receiving the invite because Lord knows I was, and I wasn't even the featured guest..CONGRATULATIONS LOVE MUFFIN!

B. Scott pictured with Dr. Robert Michael Franklin Jr., Morehouse College President

SIDE NOTE: How many times have we accused black men that attend MOREHOUSE COLLEGE of being gay?!..GLAD THEY CAUGHT UP WITH THE RUMOR..we were IN on it a LOOOOOONG time ago!


EVE showed up to Perez Hilton's Freak & FUNK 32nd Birthday in LA this past weekend and looked cute..look would have been better minus the SPACE CADET SHOES.

The tea on EVE and her non existent musical career is that she left Interscope Records and is now working on her album "Lip Lock" as well as her clothing line FETISH...MAKE IT STOP!

I think I like SOCIALITE EVE better than RAPPIN
G-CLOSE-DESIGNING-EVE..what yall think?! Am I the only that LOVES the fact that EVE left the HOOD and has embraced HOLLYWOOD like NO CHICK has ever done before?!

I mean, think back to orange haired EVE with the cornrows that looked like she just finished snorting a line and smoking some JANE before walking out o
n stage on going on the set of a video... CHICK HAS UPGRADED ALL THE WAY, AND I LOVE IT!

I don't care what ANYONE says, PEREZ HILTON is a
HOTT ASS MESS! UGH AND BLAH! Will.i.AM needs to punch him in the face again for this FOOLISHNESS..oops!

King of R&B?!..PERHAPS..

Trey is finally getting the recognition he deserves! Cute face or no cute face, the dude can SING and the editor's at VIBE have rewarded him graciously with a cover after being voted TOP ALBUM of 2009..


After being BLACKBALLED during his album release, Chris Breezy is still fighting off H A T E R S! My GOSH, niggas beat bitches EVERYDAY is it really this serious..

We all know that 16, 21, 30, 50, and 75 (IF YOU LIVE THAT LONG) are without a doubt signature birthday celerations! Well club owners are making it hard for C. BREEZY..He'll be 21 on May 5 and tea is he has NOT secured a venue yet!
Sources say taht he has traveled to MIAMI, VEGAS, and NEW YORK looking to secure a venue but can't seem to lock one down.

Supposedly they don't want to mess up their relati
onships with Rihanna so, they'd rather give BREEZY the boot rather than embrace this yougin..I's "NEVER A RIGHT TIME TO SAY GOODBYE"..AND Breezy isn't going ANYWHERE..if we can embrace R KELLY for raping teens we can forgive this man for PUNCHING while PROVOKED! NO SHADE

(H)eaven (I)n (V)iew

Rumors swirled earlier that rapper, Cassidy gave some chick, Stefanie, a KatStacks supporter, HIV..She sent an email with all types of foolywang in it..

I decided to share my favorite quote from the email..

"I KNOW it was from Cassidy he is the only one i had sex with near the time and the ONLY one I did not use a condom with."

Really girl?! If you had sex with him unprotected, I'm
110% sure, like all the baby mother's on Maury that you had unprotected sex with someone else!

In any case, Cassidy bought a 2010 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL COUPE!

Way to go CASS, on the BENTLEY that is!



LIFE is your RUNWAY....W E R K!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Well the residue of Spring Break has driend, school is in session, and I'm back to tending to you crUBER kiDds..I know you've missed me so don't even try to deny it...y'all know how we do...stove is hott and this tea is ready to be served...

Sweet 16

UGLY BETTY delivered gags, exasperated sighs, and all this weekend when Justin, played by 16 year old Mark Indelicato kissed a guy on this past weekend's show...yes, GROUNDBREAKING, I know..but I'm unsure about how I feel about it though...

Anyone that follows the show, UGLY BETTY knows that JUSTIN is in his prime and he's into all that artsy stuff. The writers of the show have played around with his SEXUALITY since the start of the show..IN ANY CASE, the show is in it's final stages of production and won't be returning for a FIFTH SEASON! This sucks MAJ, and I along with the rest of UB fans are OV IT huney!..and I'm starting to think the kiss was an attempt to get their lost interested in the show again..if it is, GOOD MOVE..but a kiss between two adolescent boys?!..yea it's their job and stuff but uhmmmm...

Despite it's historic element this kid is only 16 years old in REAL's one thing to have him play a budding homosexual, but MY GAWD, a kiss?! I'm really starting to believe that they have turned being GAY into a FAD, TREND, or FASHION STATEMENT.

NeneLeakes is STRANDED!

The circuit kiDds have been whispering about Mrs. Leakes unfortunate mishap this weekend while in Florida and this is what they are saying...

Nene and Greg, her husband, were invited to Boca Raton Florida by Leslie Harris, founder of WOMAN ON THE MOVE, to host an event to raise funds for breast cancer research. NeNe along with her ATL Housewife co-star Lisa Wu-Hartwell were slaited to host the event together but after NeNe refused to do any press and called this MILLIONAIRE ENTREPRENEUR a bitch, the bitch stuck her mouth where her money was and held up the plane! GAG!Leslie Harris, founder of "Women On The Move"

I thought it was mighty strange while reading my TWITTER timeline that Mrs. Leakes would post this..

B U S T E D ! ! ! ! !

Of course I'm aware that celebrities do ish like this via TWITTER all the time, but I made a mental note to see if further developments would proceed..and of course I WAS RIGHT!

Sources are saying that NeNe had other plans once she got to Florida, like attending an event that housed celebrities like the Kodjoe's, Nia Long, and Steve Harvey...and once again, I have my blackberry, CAPTURE IT, and TWITTER to thank..

There will be legal reprecussions that will follow Mrs Leakes carelessness and breach of contract and judging by the looks of this woman, she is NOTHING to play with..has NeNe met her match...ooooh juiceee!

These HOUSEWIVES are a MESS! And NeNe, I love you girl cos you just as messy as me but girl, you were wrong for that!

DENNISe Rodman, what's your tea?!

Of course I LOVE Dennis Rodman, but I'm concerned about his health, specifically his skin!

He showed up to an event in his honor RodmanMania with his girlfriend looking like this caked up mess...

(close your moth kiDdies)...yup this Dennis baby...looking fresh off a BUMP and a few rounds of coke and henny..Dennis, please go get that checked out huney..a fungus is residing on your face and that dime store make-up only exposes your imperfections.

It takes a strong woman to stand "behind" a man like that..mhmmm..


Neffe and Elite appeared on V103'S Ryan Cameron Show to announce that there will be a second season of the Frankie and Neffie unfortunate! They also dished about Keyshia distancing herself from her family family members..

Here's what they had to say..

Neffe: You could never cut your blood loose no matter what you are doing on this earth. It runs through our veins. I’m gonna keep it 100. My sister decided to live a different life. It’s not because “oh we ghetto, we belligerent and loud”. We are all cut from the same cloth. [We all came from Frankie] If you see us, we out there, it’s just that Keyshia keeps hers behind closed doors.

Elite: When I read it I was shocked. It was hurtful too. I had just come off of tour with Keyshia. We had 3 or 4 tours, I worked for my sister, I was her assistant for 8 months so I worked. I was shocked [by the statement]. Last time we spoke to her we didn’t think it was going to be a public permanent thing. When we last spoke to my sister, we had a family dinner to discuss some family matters and she was a little upset about the whole Frankie and Neffe Show.

Neffe: She is upset about it. She did not embrace the fact that “The Way It Is” was done and they had picked up “Frankie and Neffe”. We didn’t ask for that. We didn’t go to her and say “Sister Sister please can you give us a show. Can you give us a shot. Can we be stars”. We never asked Keyshia to do anything for us. She brought us down here to make our lives better but it didn’t get better, it got worse”.

Is this the truth?! If so, that's shade Keyshia..but I honestly think jealousy wasn't a factor, if anything Keyshia saw a reality show coming for these two long time ago..she just didn't want these fools out and about airing all their dirty laundry..but it seems as they get a kick out of being the laughing stock of BET and the rest of the world!


I'm so sick of these Z-List Celebrities and all their ish...but truthfully no matter if you're on the Z-LIST or NO LIST, the fact that you have DRAMA in your life makes it BLOG shade boo..its the sign of the times we're living in...

Flav's pick, Deelishis is having a few marrital problems. She posted this foolywang on her FACEBOOK page...

Never knew so many beautiful souls could exist on FB lol. Especially women! I sincerely thank u all. Honestly my heart is fine, its not the 1st time some chick has tried to step in on our union, but this time its my daughters I worry about. I worry about what kinda world I’ve brought them into. A world where even when you’re doing your best & at your happiest, u can still be hurt & devastated. I never want them to experience that type of disappointment.

Now that I have vented and performed a few “Woosah’s”, I can carry on with my day with my beautiful children & peace of mind knowing God has always had me and will take even better care of me now. Thank u all again, be blessed and enjoy the remainder of your day….and remember Karma is So Real!

Thank u all, but I’m cool. A real one always bounce back. And to you Cassie, I especially thank you and pray that God has mercy on your soul, cause after I drop this baby I got ya a**, believe that!

Karma is real, believe that! You continue to f**k over the wrong people in life and I guarantee it will come back to destroy you and all that you attempt!

Thank u all, but I’m cool. A real one always bounce back. And to you Cassie, I thank you!

Apparently her husband is cheating on her with some chick named Cassie and she's threatening to WOOSAH this chick after she drops her baby..SAD
Deelishis sweetie, you are a mother and instead of making plans to beat some chick's ass you need to be starting a COLLEGE FUND for lil Ray-Ray..I swear there should be requirements to have babies, because these mother's are an ABSOLUTE EPICALLY FAILING MESS! This story would have been SOOOOO much better if dude was cheating with Diddy's Cassie..Deelishis would have gotten a reality show off that ish..WOMP!

Until Next Time.....

LIFE is a RUNWAY....W E R K!